Fuelling Innovation and Growth in
Life Sciences and Healthcare

We help clients bring innovations to market in life sciences and healthcare by
providing a range of strategic and operational services
to support growth.

4 Reasons to Work With Us and
Hire Biotech Facilitators

Fresh Perspective

Based on research and sector knowledge, we help you look at your products and services from a different perspective without bias, bringing fresh ideas to take a stronger market position

Sector Knowledge And Network

We keep up to date with the sector’s latest developments and we have regular discussions with key opinion leaders and experts, providing a solid basis for any market landscaping project.

Saved Time

The help you need to free precious time. We make things easy for you by tackling operational tasks your team does not have time to do; for example team mentoring, project management, interim leadership roles as well as article and content writing.

Strong Position

We help strengthen your company by aligning business and marketing strategies, ensuring the scientific and sales communications build trust and customer confidence.

Tailored Services

As a life science consultant, we work with start-ups, SMEs and large organisations,
tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client.





Life Sciences

Our Areas of Expertise

Gene and Cell Therapy
Regenerative Medicine
Drug Delivery Systems
Wound Care
Medical Devices
Connected Health
Infectious Disease and Virology
Personalised Medicine

Our Goals for Your Company

  • Add value to your company with expertise currently missing

  • Strengthen you market position

  • Successfully bring innovation to market for growth

  • Provide flexible and effective support

Biotech and Life Sciences:
Expertise, Strategy, and Partnerships

We work as a team to give our clients the highest quality service and advice possible.

Who We Are

Experienced biotech and life sciences consultants specialising in molecular & cell biology, gene & cell therapy, and the translation from research to market. Facilitating innovation and commercialisation for biotech companies globally.

What We Do

WBS offers global scientific communication and sales strategy support, enhancing international visibility and driving business growth. We generate high-quality leads and improve conversion rates through targeted marketing strategies.

Who We Work With

We serve SMEs in life sciences, biotech, medtech as well as pharma, and healthcare organisation,  universities, technology transfer offices. We also mentor start-ups. Our affiliations include OBN, and we actively participate in industry events like BIA, ELRIG, Biofit, Gene anc cell therapy and Biotrinity conferences.

“Jeanne was an exceptional mentor, and helped us solve some of our key business challenges. With her help we were able to identify our core value offering, adjusting the message to deliver the greatest impact.”

Ross Ward, CEO, Motus Innovations

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism. I am extremely glad to be working with you.”

Roberto Casalegno, Yobiminds

“We learnt a lot from you. Your suggestions for the pitch and the business plan have been extremely useful, and we are really grateful”

Pablo Lubroth, Founder, Hera Biotech

“We have greatly valued your advice, support and input over the entire programme. Your belief in us has been invaluable in creating the success of BioStars.”

Vinton Cheng, Biostars Programme Manager, Panacea Innovation

Partner with a Trusted Biotech and
Life Sciences Consultants

Partner with us to drive innovation, market expansion, and commercialisation
in the biotech and life sciences industry.

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