Combining in-depth scientific knowledge and leadership skills with strong business acumen, we provide high-level services to unlock strategic insights

We can help you promote your technologies by sharing our understanding of the global innovation landscape and helping identify new market opportunities. Through our work, we have acquired an excellent knowledge of the current life science ecosystem and have built an extensive network of key opinion leaders.

We both have over 20 years experience in the sector, live in the UK and are fluent in English, French, Spanish and German and together we have the professional insights and the global network that your company may need for a worldwide impact.

Meet Our Experienced Life Sciences and
Biotech Consultants

Dr Jeanne-Françoise Williamson

My strength lies in helping you turn science into business by analysing, planning and promoting research and technology more effectively to key players and customers. We will expand your understanding of the ecosystem, fine tune your product positioning, refine your scientific communication as well as align sales & marketing  strategies with the vision. With an added twist of business flair resting on a strong scientific framework and a board network , I will help you move swiftly, effectively and creatively in the fast-moving biotech ecosystem. Keen supporter of innovation, I also act as an advisor for start-ups and bio-entrepreneurs and as an expert evaluator for grant proposals with deeper knowledge in molecular and cell biology from reagents to therapeutics including gene & cell therapy.

Dr Enca Martin-Rendon

With a track record of achievement leading and managing preclinical and translational research teams combined with a strong business acumen, I am able to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation and obtain the right funding streams to make things happen. Combining people and technical skills, I can support you with strategic planning, effective project management, deployment of quality management systems, process optimisation and risk mitigation by ensuring the right procedures are in place. Passionate about scientific and technological innovations and knowing how to make best out of a team, my strength lies in building operational teams and long-term partnerships.

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We are members of Women on Boards and the speaker’s club.

Team of Expert Associates

Strategy & Business Growth


Gugs the Chief Executive Officer of Life Sciences Healthcare Ltd. He is is the perfect complement to Williamson Biotech Solutions, particularly for strategic development and business planning for start-ups.

Gugs has been a BioMedical consultant for Industry, government, NHS, PSRE and academic organisations . He is also central to steering business growth and fast-tracking business development through obtaining capital and innovation funding as well as entering new markets.

Strategic Innovation Healthcare


Emmanuel is the founder of Baehl Innovation, a European Strategic healthcare boutique. He helps clients bring greater innovation, collaboration and strategic value to new product launches, business expansions and market exploration in Healthcare and Medtech.

Scientific Writing &


Andreas is a former Editor of Nature Physics and the owner of Swiss-based Reinschrift Science communication. He enables Williamson Biotech Solutions to provide an interdisciplinary approach bridging Physics and Life sciences as well as supporting written communications.

Andreas assists scientists worldwide in telling their stories. He writes with passion about a range of exciting topics from quantum physics to wine and from the history of science to motor racing. He also provides exciting training courses in scientific writing.

Market Intelligence &
Product Launch


Peter is a senior biopharma executive with an impressive global track record in gathering market intelligence. His specialty lies in gathering key components for successful market launches and product developpment ranging from market analysis to differentiation strategy.

His experience extends Williamson Biotech Solutions’ expertise to pharmaceutical product manufacturing, Clinical Diagnostics, Drug Discovery and Rapid Microbiology.

Life Science & Healthcare Marketing


David is the director at well-established Alto Marketing, a renowned Life Sciences and Healthcare Marketing agency. Experienced marketeer, he brings a wealth of strategic and operational marketing experience to support Williamson Biotech Solutions.

From brand development through to channel support, David provides senior level counsel on marketing strategy and tactical communications as well as tools to deliver successful campaigns.

Making Connections in Pharma & Healthcare


Victoria is the director at Evolve Marketing Partners and Williamson Biotech Solutions’ magic key to opening new doors for business.

With extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry, Victoria’s goal is simple: Making connections by helping customers by opening doors to new opportunities. With her support we are able to secure new business meeting at the highest level, generating new leads.

Thriving on Innovation

Supporting Exciting and Disruptive Businesses in the Life Science Sector

Williamson Biotech Solutions offers operational on demand strategic and operations services to biotech, pharma & medtech companies aimed to take stronger market position. Our services include strategic support, gap analyses, framework building, market landscape analysis,  project management, campaign planning and execution, partnerships & content preparation.

Committed to Deliver High Quality Support to Our Clients

With a skilled team spanning strategy and business growth, strategic and operational marketing, development, R&D, clinical trials, scientific communication, life science sector knowledge, networking and a secret key to open doors, we are in a strong position to provide high value support to our clients.

Our Affiliations

“Jeanne was an exceptional mentor, and helped us solve some of our key business challenges. With her help we were able to identify our core value offering, adjusting the message to deliver the greatest impact.”

Ross Ward, CEO, Motus Innovations

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism. I am extremely glad to be working with you.”

Roberto Casalegno, Yobiminds

“We learnt a lot from you. Your suggestions for the pitch and the business plan have been extremely useful, and we are really grateful”

Pablo Lubroth, Founder, Hera Biotech

“We have greatly valued your advice, support and input over the entire programme. Your belief in us has been invaluable in creating the success of BioStars.”

Vinton Cheng, Biostars Programme Manager, Panacea Innovation

Collaborate with a Reliable Life Sciences and Biotech Consultant

Embrace a valuable collaboration as you engage with a dependable life sciences and biotech consultant,
unlocking strategic insights and expertise for your business endeavours.

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