We Support Innovation – Strategy,
Market Knowledge & Growth 

What really matters is to align your company strategy, your vision and your portfolio with the
market, the regulators, and the stakeholders.

Solution Focussed Strategic and Operational Services

  • We support our client by ensuring the perceived value of their products is aligned with the market needs in a fast-moving landscape.

  • Our services span activities from strategic planning, frameworks, R&D to market research, product management, product launch, as well as quality and project management.

  • We build strategic frameworks with leadership teams and perform gap analyses by interviewing your teams (sales, marketing, technical support teams, R&D and product development).

  • We act as bouncing board for business leaders by providing brainstorming sessions to define framework, refine vision, strategy and plan portfolio expansion.

  • We mentor start-up and provide outreach activities to support and inspire young scientists.

Accelerating Success in the Life Science Sector

We help entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the life science sector turn innovation into success and take stronger market position.

Based on 15+ years global experience in both academia and industry, we can save you precious time.

We use knowledge and research to help you understand the ecosystem , address the needs, develop your R&D, improve your sales & marketing strategy and communicate effectively. We can also support your lead generation process.

What We Do for Our Customers

Develop Strategic Frameworks and Carry Out Gap Analyses

We work with our clients to build a framework. We help articulate the strategic vision, plan the development of products and services portfolios, and build a list of priorities to implement the framework.

For strategic business frameworks, we help our clients review their core business, the emerging opportunities as well as blue sky possibilities to choose the best route for innovation. We then roll out the framework to the business development and sales strategies and plan the implementation.

For marketing frameworks, we usually review the strategic structure knows as the 5C ( Customers/ Company Skills/ Competition/Collaborations/Context) and the tactical structure or 4P ( product/Place/Promotion/ Price) to identify the weaknesses, articulate the vision and critical aspects to implementation.

Build Valuable Market Insights and Landscape Reports

We prepare detailed landscape reports which always include interviews and clear roadmaps based on what we have heard in the field. Our work usually includes  target identification (key players, leads, partners, customers) to map the ecosystem,  desk research, scientific reviews, and conversations with high level KOLs to drive effective innovation launch. We also perform target assessments.

Our wide range of expertise allows us to rapidly dive into a range of topics.

As polyglots (English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese), we understand the impact of cultural aspects for the launch of innovations and thus approach projects accordingly. We are also able to get unique insights when we carry out key opinion leaders interviews due to our ability to converse in their native language.

Carry Out Product Management, Marketing & Communications Activities

We work with your team to streamline all your scientific communications, marketing activities and lead generation processes working across sales and marketing teams.

We can act an interim marketing director to carry out strategic planning, manage a younger team, support, or replace a product manager, and plan campaigns.

We can also boost you marketing operations by preparing product launches. We develop content and write scientific articles and thought leadership papers. We can project manage a new website, executing marketing and lead generation campaigns and train the sales teams and distributors.

We build on your expertise to develop a powerful and coherent scientific communication and sales strategy to deliver clear and concise scientific messages to enhance your global corporate image and sales, targeting content to the right audience (investors, customers, sales team, distributors)

Provide Operational Leadership for R&D

We specialise in operational management for research teams, covering R&D, preclinical, and translational research.

Our services include project management, quality management system deployment, process optimisation, and risk mitigation.

We ensure streamlined operations by implementing the right procedures. Our experienced professionals excel in project management, delivering research projects within timelines and budgets. We deploy robust quality management systems to optimise processes and maintain rigorous standards. Through process optimisation, we enhance efficiency and productivity. Proactive risk assessment and mitigation strategies safeguard the integrity of research activities.

With our comprehensive operational management, you can focus on breakthrough discoveries while we handle the operational aspects effectively.

Accelerate Partnerships, Business Development & Lead Generation

We help with identification of partners and experts for boards and collaborations.

We also have a range of options to support lead generation.

Mentoring & Outreach

We mentor start-ups and provide outreach activities to support and inspire young scientists.

We also work with entrepreneurs articulate the value, the vision and the impact of the innovation and provide market insight to support market analyses.

Our Areas of Expertise and
Core Capabilities

Gene and Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine

Drug Delivery Systems

Wound Care

Medical Devices

Connected Health


Infectious Disease and Virology

Personalised Medicine



Trusted Partnerships and
Collaborative Ventures

“Jeanne was an exceptional mentor, and helped us solve some of our key business challenges. With her help we were able to identify our core value offering, adjusting the message to deliver the greatest impact.”

Ross Ward, CEO, Motus Innovations

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism. I am extremely glad to be working with you.”

Roberto Casalegno, Yobiminds

“We learnt a lot from you. Your suggestions for the pitch and the business plan have been extremely useful, and we are really grateful”

Pablo Lubroth, Founder, Hera Biotech

“We have greatly valued your advice, support and input over the entire programme. Your belief in us has been invaluable in creating the success of BioStars.”

Vinton Cheng, Biostars Programme Manager, Panacea Innovation

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